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Category Archives: Guitars and Guitarists

Just as the title says, info on spectacular guitarists and their guitars!

Ron Thal a.k.a. BumblefootBorn Ronald Jay in 1969 in Brooklyn New York City Ron Thal is a Guitarist, song writer and producer is known to be one of the lead Guitarist in rock music currently with the Guns and Roses group. As a young child he learnt guitar playing form Steve Mironivich after an inspiration from Gene Simmons.In the mid 1990s he was ranked among the best guitarists when he played his favorite hand guitar and the Swiss cheese guitar. He gained popularity in Europe after the release of his album 9/11 featuring the popular song Guitars suck.

Thal joined the Guns and Roses group in 2006 and have made performance in the UK though he has not been featured as writer in any of the songs but even though he plays a major role as a Guitarist by playing to a perfection degree in all the songs. In the recent years Thal who is also called “Bumblefoot” has made several efforts apart from being together with Guns and roses. He got the name when he was assisting his wife in preparation of a veterinary examination He has made many tours including china and the United States. He has launched singles including the one he presented for the hockey national team.

As an endorser of the Vigier guitars Thal is being developed a signature by the guitar manufacturers. He has used most of the Vigier guitars during many of his tours including the Swiss cheese, Bumblefoot, double neck, Gibson flying V and the GV rock. Most of the music he has performed is considered hardrock, bordering on quirky and experimental. He has been on headlines of guitar magazines around the world.

Amongst his recent releases ‘normal’ was done in 2005 which he released on Hermit inclusive and Neanderthal noise inclusive.

Apart from being a guitarist he is also a producer and he produces for other artists and is active star in fundraising for multiple Sclerosis research.  Other noteworthy charitable events Ron Thal has participated in have been the music charity cd project entitled, “Guitarists 4 the Kids”, which features Ron along side spectacular guitarists Mattias Eklundh, Stevie Salas, Steve Lukather, Ottmar Liebert, Pierre Bensusan and others.